{ OpenCovid19 Initiative }

March 01, 2020

OpenCovid19 is a JOGL program that develops open-source and low-cost tools and methodologies that are safe and easy to use in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The OpenCovid19 program is powered by a global community of 4000+ volunteers and experts who create solutions to better prevent, detect, and treat COVID-19, and to help forecast the pandemic’s evolution.

1178 Participants

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For partnerships, please contact thomas@jogl.io

OpenCovid19: the power of collaboration. 

At JOGL, we believe in the power of open-source community-led approaches to address complex global challenges. The OpenCovid19 program breaks down barriers and empowers individuals and communities to take action together to solve the coronavirus pandemic.

Like all JOGL programs, OpenCovid19 is organized in a set of challenges which address specific topics related to the coronavirus pandemic: treatment, detection, prevention, data analysis, and others. These challenges host projects: challenge-related solutions being created and implemented by the community. 

OpenCovid19 offers microgrants!

Thanks to our generous sponsors, JOGL offers up to $3,000 microgrants for OpenCovid19 projects. The grant review follows an open-source process in which the entire OpenCovid19 community can take part. To request for funding for your project, create your project on JOGL using the Grant proposal submission guide. When your project is ready to be reviewed, simply fill out a Grant proposal submission form.

We are volunteer-powered.

Thousands of volunteers and experts from around the world collaborate on the JOGL website and on the Slack workspace. Together, we create solutions to better prevent, detect, and treat COVID19. 

Figure 1: map of the Opencovid19 community members

A biosafety and biosecurity board made up of industry experts help keep us all in check: they provide guidance, recommendations, and support for project teams within the OpenCovid19 community. Take a look at the OpenCovid19 biosafety and biosecurity guidelines.

Partners and Enablers: 

OpenCovid19 is made possible by the support of our generous partners and enablers who share our passion for open science, and in our belief in the power of open-source community-led approaches to address complex global challenges. Do you share our mission, and are you interested in becoming an enabler or partner of the OpenCovid19 Initiative? Reach out to us at: opencovid19@jogl.io.

Core Enablers

The AXA Research Fund was born out of the belief that science plays a crucial role in responding to the most important issues facing our planet today. AXA’s scientific philanthropy initiative is committed to supporting science contributing to societal progress and encouraging researchers to share their work and inform decision making. The AXA Research Fund supports projects in the risk areas of climate and the environment, health and socioeconomics. With 250 Million Euros committed since its inception in 2007, the Fund has supported over 650 projects to date, in 300 leading academic institutions. More on www.axa-research.org @AXAResearchFund

The 3D COVID initiative has been launched by APHP (Association of the 39 Paris Region Hospitals) to manufacture 3D parts and devices at hospitals.