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OpenCovid19 - Grant Review Round 5 banner

OpenCovid19 Initiative

OpenCovid19 - Grant Review Round 5

OpenCovid19 runs a grant review process for high quality projects. Submit your project to this challenge using the template listed in "About", to apply for grants up to €4000. Find out more on the challenge "About" page and "FAQ"s

OPENCOVID19 Grant Review 5.

The deadline for project submission has been passed , reviews sent and analysed ,and projects awarded.

OpenCovid19 is a JOGL program that develops open-source and low-cost tools and methodologies that are safe and easy to use in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The OpenCovid19 program is powered by a global community of 5000+ volunteers and experts who create solutions to better prevent, detect, and treat COVID-19, and to help forecast the pandemic’s evolution. Learn more at: https://app.jogl.io/program/opencovid19?tab=about. In order to enable fast project development and advocate for open science. For the fifth time JOGL is allocating micro-grants of up to 2000 euros through an open grant review process. Promising teams that have previously had funding from JOGL will be eligible to receive up to 4000 euros.

All new COVID19 related apps, devices, research investigations, awareness campaigns, vaccine hesitancy related and coronavirus research related projects are eligible. If you think you are eligible apply, the reviewers will decide if the project is relevant to the cause.

To Submit a project for a Grant Application:

1- Create a JOGL project here: https://app.jogl.io/project/create

2- Follow the instructions detailed in the template below, to build your JOGL project proposal for review

3- Use the "Join challenge" button and apply to this challenge in your project "Advanced settings" to submit your project to apply❗There is also a "Submit project button adjacent on this challenge tab" select already created projects and submit to apply. Check out the FAQs if there are problems with the above.

4- After the challenge deadline has passed, you will be emailed and the community notified. In order to be eligible for a grant you will peer review three other submitted projects using our form, and on the website when made available.

5. Follow this link https://app.jogl.io/program/opencovid19?tab=about to make sure you have access to all the information to fully join the OpenCovid19 community. 

👉( 6.) Already existing projects that have procured funding with JOGL must fill in section 8 in their proposal to be eligible for further funding. They must mark on their project they have been funded by JOGL before, and submit section 8 as a progress report.

7- Once two weeks have passed the successful projects will be announced, decided by the above peer review process.

[A great example of a project proposal from round 4: https://app.jogl.io/project/174/OpenEnzymeProduction  ]

Please note: Your application will be using the “about” section of your JOGL project page and a pdf uploaded in the “document” section for its review. However the repository of projects will include a summary image of your project as part of the project banner.



-- Summary of your application [in your JOGL project page] --

Basic information (upper pannel):

  •  Project title: Title of Project
  •  Shortname: Short hand version of your project title.
  •  Short description: A small description, with link to a website for instance, this will be used in group presentations
  •  Project Banner: A nice image for representing your project, or icon that represents it- this could be used in later media!
  • Team composition: (be sure to have all your team members included in the project)
  •  Keywords associated with the project. 

Upon project creation, a small blue “edit” icon appears by the project title when the project page is viewed, this can be used to edit aspects of your project. To apply for a grant and to share your project to other members and the world, you will need to update your “about” section as below and fill the following information requested in the template.

Your “About” section:

  1.  Include the name of the slack channel for your project within the OpenCovid19 slack. If you don’t have one, please create one following the syntax #proj-xxx
  2. Include links to any other spaces related to your project such as a github link, a website, a google doc, a discourse, a social media account,...
  3. Problem and Background (200 words max)
  4. Solution summary in simple terms (150 words max)
  5. Solution summary in technical terms (200 words max)
  6. State of advancement of the project (100 words max)
  7. Project Timeline

Please provide a projected project timeline in bullet point form.

(we will prioritize projects that can deliver in a short term period)

-- Your Full Application [as a PDF or remainder of About page] --

Follow this nomenclature to name your pdf: “Project application - project [Unique number of your project on the JOGL platform] - [Date of application dd/mm/yyyy]” (ex: Project application - project 105 - 25/09/2020]

For grant consideration, use the following criteria to structure your project information. Numbering isn’t absolutely necessary in the project about pages themselves, but do make reviewing the projects easier.

1.0 Introduction 

1.1 Problem and Background (200 words max)

1.2 Solution summary in simple terms (150 words max)

1.3 Solution summary in technical terms (200 words max)

1.4 State of advancement of the project (100 words max)

1.5 Project Timeline

Please provide a projected project timeline in bullet point form.

(we will prioritize projects that can deliver in a short term period)

2.0 Project Implementation

2.1 Solution, research, or intervention? (choose accordingly) (1000 words max)

  •  Solution: describe the solution imagined (app, data lake, video game), its beneficiaries, locality of implementation, etc
  •  Research: describe hypothesis and research objectives
  •  Intervention: describes objectives (long-term, mid-term, short term, or goal and specific objectives)

2.2 Methodology (500 words max)

Description of tools and methods used.

The methodology must allow the full reproduction of the the results

2.3 Results/Expected results (500 words max)

3.0 Safety, quality assurance and regulation 

3.1 What steps have you taken to ensure your solution’s safety? How advanced are you in this process (if applicable)? Please check the Biosafety and Biosecurity guideline of OpenCovid19

3.2 Have you planned the conduct of your manufacturing process that ensures quality, what are the steps you have taken? How advanced are you in this (if applicable)?

3.3 Will you need assistance with the regulation system? If not, which regulatory system do you plan on using to distribute the product? Please elaborate (please see: Regulatory-Strategies(if applicable)

3.4 Have you talked to medical staff about the feasibility of your project? What did they say?  

3.5 Have you planned the testing, verification and validation of your solution? How advanced are you? (if applicable)

4.0 Impact, issues and risks

4.1 What impact do you feel your project could have? (100 words max)

4.2 What do you think would make your project a success?(100 words max)

4.3 Please list the known issues, potential risks, grey-areas, etc in your project

5.0 Originality

5.1 What other projects on JOGL are like yours? Search for them and Link them!

5.2 Is this an innovative project? What makes this project different if it’s unique on JOGL?

5.3 Is there already an open source version of this project?

6.0 Team experience

6.1 Please cite your team members and their roles in the project. 

(if applicable) If the project involves several locations or labs, list them too. 

7.0 Funding and Costs

7.1 Please provide a costing of your project be as detailed as you can, all funding requests must be transparent and be for specific needs. The maximum grant is 2000 euros for new projects and 4000 euros for already established JOGL projects. Smaller grants are more likely to be funded. If no grant is required, request no funds in the form.

7.2 How is your project being funded so far?

7.3 How much funding do you need and how do you plan to use that funding?

  • Projects (new, funded and refused ones) are able to ask for funding at each round. 
  • If your project involves several locations and entities, please indicate how you plan to distribute the grant money. 
  • If your project is a consortium of existing projects, the upper limit of the grant only applies to sub-project entities. 

JOGL, thanks to its partnership with the AXA Research Fund, is able to provide micro-grants to projects that need them.. 

The grants will be provided to a legal entity or the project leader bank account directly. So a project doesn't necessarily need to have a legal entity to receive the funds. 

👉 [Reminder] The smaller the grant is, the easier it is to get! :)

8.0 Achievement and Benefits of funding [only for projects already funded by JOGL]

• Add Your latest results, development and methods in the About section of your page. In the case that you previously already used this section for hosting your proposal for a micro grant, please copy the proposal section into a pdf and attach it as a doc instead for archiving purposes. It’s Open Science!

• Include a special paragraph where you indicate what part of your project JOGL and its micro-grant has enabled you to accelerate your research or project- in a final section 8 of your proposal. 

• A post on the wall of your project page indicating that you’ve updated your page with the latest results and development! Post some cool results if you have any, links to papers and news articles to check out are also great to see!

--- In the “Needs” section ---


Please use the “Needs” section of your JOGL project page to indicate your needs in people / skills / equipment / data / ... [do not use this section to ask for funding]

--- In the “Documents” section ---

[Optional] Additional documents

You can use this section to add documents that can help understand the state of advancement of the project such as presentations, graphics, STL files, etc… 

Please mention these documents in your about page for context!

Open science
3Good Health and Well-being
4Quality Education
17Partnership for the Goals