Our colleagues in Sri Lanka are in the midst of their XPRIZE set, and were glad to report that the tubes Guy sent them still worked well after their shipment at ambient temps and waiting for all these weeks... Happily, Guy got his results for a similar sample set in Paris already last week. We think they look incredibly clear, in terms of calling positive/negative samples, as shown below. To note: and these are just the 'direct' (not concentrated in any way) reactions. The logistical challenge of getting off all the test samples was incredible, and we congratulate the XPRIZE team for pulling it all together! Even more, we look forward to hearing how Corona Detective did... =) Patience is a virtue!
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Its so nice to follow what youve been doing
thank you for the kind words! pulling together these international collaborations with the support for open science by JOGL has been incredible... We have more fun experiments ahead, with the oligos for the triplex tests to be ordered very soon, and more validation by clinical collabs!
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