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AGiR! and Hackuarium
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Rachel Aronoff


biologist, keen to promote awareness and open science

image analysis
Molecular and cellular ...
Molecular Genetics
(taken from my LinkedIn profile!) Biologist: Broad international experience in basic research, in particular molecular biology. Expert at imaging, viral vectors, transgenic animals (from worms to mice) and genetics. My current professional aim is to achieve global impact with my projects around genomic integrity, and to enable success for all those with DIT (Do-It-Together) Research projects at Hackuarium, whether coming from a cutting-edge startup, a biohacker space, FabLab or Maker Space. Molecular microbiology and genetic research are my key specialisations, and learning new things and helping bring amazing projects together are my passions. Extraordinarily grateful for my international colleagues and shared hopes for ideas to flourish, I can't wait to see what comes next... To detail more, in the public service domain, as founder of AGiR! Action for Genomic integrity through Research!, I act to provide information about and promote projects investigating various aspects of 'genomic integrity' for public health. Keen to aid efforts for open science, I have two genomic integrity projects running (to open-source classic tests of DNA damage detection) at the Swiss public laboratory association, Hackuarium, where I have been a member since 2015, on the board since 2017 and president since 2018. Genomic integrity is a big picture concept for public health efforts, and basically includes all the dynamic molecular genetic details of cells. AGiR! aims to assess quantitative measures of genomic integrity and share simplified methods to help create greater awareness and directly investigate ways people can easily protect everyone's genomic integrity. Maybe you would like to help? A couple of exciting participative research projects are also in progress at Hackuarium! Go to www.genomicintegrity.org and wiki.hackuarium.ch for more information!
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