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Bioratorium® + Bionic City® + Panarchic Codex® + more.
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Melissa Sterry


Design Scientist, Complex Systems Theorist, BioFuturist, and Serial Founder.

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Resilience theory
Earth system
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Transdisciplinary design scientist, complex systems theorist and biofuturist whose research and practice explores how emerging science, technology and thinking may help humanity to build a brighter future. Career largely spent crafting first-to-market concepts and companies across sectors including the built environment, tech, media, design, communications, publishing, and the arts. Contributed as a scientific committee member, peer-reviewer, editorial board member, author, media commentator, keynote speaker, C-level advisor, academic assembly member, visiting lecturer, critic, supervisor, and fellow to manifold leading international STEM, design, architecture, and arts journals, conferences, awards, societies, institutions and companies worldwide. PhD completed at the Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture research [AVATAR] group at University of Greenwich, London [2018], posits the potential for developing peri-urban and urban resilience to wildfires through the creation of complex adaptive architectural systems that mimic the biochemistries, behaviours, and relationships of fire-adapted flora and fauna species. Follow on research and publishing works are shared through the Panarchic Codex® project. Founder/Director of Biofuturism consultancy Bioratorium® [est. 2019] and its lab Labioratorium®, which serve to interrogate the possible future potentialities of bio-informed, bio-inspired, and bio-enabled science, technology, engineering, and design both within and beyond the built environment. Founder/CoFounder of several further award-winning companies and projects, including Bionic City® [2010 onwards]; Societás [2004 - 2010]; and New Frontiers [2008 - 2010], amongst other sustainability-led companies and initiatives. Executive-level advisor on issues including R&D, sustainable innovation, strategic foresight, and adaption to meet critical sustainability and resilience challenges. Past and present global clients include World Bank, Unilever, Toyota Motors Europe, Interface, Schneider Electric, Chartered Institute of Building, Canadian Institute of Planning, London Design Festival, Space 10, Science Museum London, Edinburgh International Science Festival, and Manchester International Festival, amongst many others. Further information at: www.melissasterry.com www.panarchiccodex.com www.bioniccity.co.uk
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