Understanding the research on Corona virus

Understanding the research on Corona virus


Analyze the research on coronavirus using open publication datasets and complex networks approach.

Created on: April 26, 2020

by Liu Bov, Marc Santolini, Chakresh Singh

Participating to challenge(s): Data analysis and simulation

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Large-scale data analysis
Network science
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Research on coronavirus noticed a sudden increase in the number of publications since SARS outbreak (Fig 1). Since then the number of articles have been increasing with a rapid growth rate especially in 2020. Fig.1 Number of articles related to coronavirus research from the CORD19 dataset

The abundance of research articles often mask the relevant information from researchers. This project is aimed to propose an effective pathway to follow research on coronavirus and related topics using complex networks approach. We will be using open datasets on publications related to the virus and use text analysis and complex networks approach to map the flow of ideas and research over time.

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