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Epidemium Season 3


Predicting the evolution of Papillomavirus-induced ENT cancer from pathology sections of tumor.

What is the ORL/IA challenge ?

Among ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) oropharyngeal cancer are evolving at a high speed, especially in Northern countries, and affect predominantly young male patients with no or not excessive history of smoking or drinking. Also, an increase of ENT cancers due to Papillomavirus (HPV) infection is observed. The HPV is also found in the majority of cervix cancer and vaccination campaigns against it are now conducted. The oropharyngeal HPV+ cancers have a better prognosis certainly due to the action of the micro-environment. The micro-environment corresponds to all immune cells around the tumor cells. There are different techniques to find the presence of HPV in the cancer including in situ hybridisation. Because little is known about the behavior of these cancer, researchers and pathologists struggle to determine severity criteria and prognostic factors.


Based on pathology (tumor section/slides) data from HPV-induced orophrayngeal cancers, the ORL/IA Challenge has 2 objectives:

  1. On HE (hematein/eosin) and multiparametric slides, to compare tumoral micro-environment, according to HPV quantity.
  2. To understand the role of the micro-environment fighting or not against the tumor cells and the potential importance of theirs their spatial distribution.

The final goal is from tabular and imagery data produced, to predict the role of the micro-environment in the HPV+ oropharyngeal cancer, in tabular and imagery data produced , depending on the importance of the quantification of HPV in situ hybridisation staining.

Discover Pr. Cécile Badoual 's interview on Medium for more context.

ACCESS Datasets + practical details HERE


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Contact: contact@epidemium.org

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