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Just One Giant Summit

The Community Science and Innovation conference. First summer edition happening on the 1st of July! Just One Giant Summit brings together leading actors using community approaches to science and innovation. Join us to explore the latest trends, share good practices and address common roadblocks.

The Community Science and Innovation conference.

Science and Innovation are big worlds in and of themselves, often siloed and reserved to academia or industry. We believe that community-driven approaches make solving global challenges more inclusive, efficient and impactful.

Just One Giant Summit is a chance to gather and identify the latest trends in Community Science and Innovation (CoSI) as well as celebrate what we are all achieving together as part of a larger community of communities.

Co-create, collaborate and celebrate at Just One Giant Summit on July 1, 2022!

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JOGS in five points:  

→ Just One Giant Summit (JOGS) is FREE 

→ The Summit is fully virtual and inclusive. We're hailing from the four corners of the world and all ages. 

→ JOGS is highly interdisciplinary. Our Goal is to gather communities that were not interacting before

→ This is the first conference about CoSI (community science and innovations).

   Join 60+ internationally recognised speakers who are experts in their fields. 

→ It's highly interactive. Bump into each other & network with members in our custom built Gather World.