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iGEM Community

Welcome to iGEM Community Space on JOGL! Here you can learn about some of the projects happening within iGEM Community, formerly After iGEM, under different topics around synthetic biology. Find out more at https://community.igem.org/

iGEM Community, formerly known as After iGEM, is for anyone who wants to be engaged in iGEM related programming all around the world. With approximately 60,000 individuals who have gone through the iGEM Competition and more who have contributed to or participated in the efforts of iGEM, our community is growing, evolving and building up the future of the iGEM universe.

We want to invite, engage, and co-create initiatives with all of you to support our community and help it succeed. We also want to provide you opportunities and resources that will help you in your career goals and development both as an individual and a community member.

Discover iGEM Community at https://community.igem.org/ and reach out to us at community@igem.org

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