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Open Talks

The Open Talks project consists of a set of lectures with speakers involved in open (bio) sciences and technologies, specifically in the scope of open hardware, software, licenses and innovation.

During the development of a Biotechnology project, as in your iGEM journey, did you ever have doubts about:

- How to correctly document the hardware you are creating?

- Which license to use to publish the software that your team created?

- How could you transform your technology into a product based on open innovation?

- Any more topics related to science and open technology?

Well, your problems are over! After iGEM's Open Science and Accessibility Steering Group will be promoting the Open Talks project to address all these questions. This will consist of lectures open to the community with experts on the scope of open hardware, open software, open licenses and open innovation, which will take place until the end of the iGEM 2021 season. Thus, we hope that everyone can collaboratively learn and build solid knowledge in open science and technology, and integrate it with excellence in Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology projects. 

More info:

Also, if you're interested join our Slack and contact us on the #interest-openscience-and-accessibility channel.

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  • Created on: April 27, 2021
  • Last update: May 18, 2022
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