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Project Lockdown

Project Lockdown is a Rights Observatory platform that provides insights on policies that may affect Human and Digital Rights.

Project Lockdown is an initiative from The IO Foundation that provides:

- an interactive map to facilitate the analysis of the social and political effects of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) undertaken worldwide by governments.

- an open source API to access all the data collected.

- research papers and reports based on the available datasets.

Organized in independent Dataset Layers, the current COVID-19 Dataset Layer explores data points measuring lockdowns and travel restrictions (among many others) that are determined from official government pronouncements, ensuring that the collected information is credible, verifiable, legally-binding and visualized in a user-friendly manner. All data points are considered from the perspective of their potential influence in the observance of Human and Digital Rights. In cases where governments implement interventions that are not reflected accurately in official pronouncements, we sometimes include alternative sources to complement the dataset. These will be selected following the same verifiable, trustworthy, and accountable principles.

Project Lockdown provides a visualization of the future status of measured NPIs as a direct interpretation of their codified sources and does not make any algorithmic-based predictions. This allows to observe their evolution over time and identify potential red flags.

Project Lockdown is an independent, nonpartisan, civic tech initiative targeting a global audience. It is currently composed by over 50 active volunteers from engaged individuals and 5 partner organizations. Expansion of the partner network is being accomplished by reaching out to other CSOs, Universities and Public Authorities.

Efforts on localization and accessibility are also a core element of the initiative with the interface being translated in several languages and providing access to the mapping platform via several regional gTLDs.

Main website: ProjectLockdown.world

Project Repository: TIOF.Click/PLDRepo

All about Project Lockdown: TIOF.Click/PLDAboutUs

List of open positions: TIOF.Click/PLDNeedHR

Would you like to join the project? https://TIOF.Click/PLDEoI

Do you represent an organization and would like to explore collaborations? https://TIOF.Click/PLDEoIOrg

Regional gTLDs: ProjectLockdown.africa - ProjectLockdown.asia - ProjectLockdown.eu - ProjectLockdown.me - ProjectLockdown.lat - ProjectLockdown.us

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  • Short Name: #ProjectLockdown
  • Created on: June 24, 2020
  • Last update: March 31, 2021
  • Looking for collaborators: ✅
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