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Safe & Sound

About reviewed project
SASO uses technology to help Stop Women & child domestic harassment, both during and after COVID-19.


During lock down, in France 24 there was a news explaining the increase in domestic harassment by 30%


Women & children's suffering from Domestic harassment, needs to call SOS or inform someone in time of emergency, it makes it harder since both those medium of communication needs voice over and also busyness or availability of those medium. 

Solution :

SASO offers an Android & iOS app along with a small embedded chip or a key chain like device which can be used to trigger alarm and send notification to friends, SOS and also to local NGO's

SASO offers chat support for quick support to those who are in trouble. 

The device/app also has voice recording and trigger facility which triggers alerts community/NGO without alerting the perpetuators. 

SASO uses community power to solve domestic violence. 

Team composition:

Emily Cristina - Design Lead

Kateryna Deb - UX designer

Ali Raza - Tech lead

Ehsan El - iOS developer

Gopala Sutharsan - Embedded programmer

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