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AccuroLab - Factcheck Covid-19 Information

About reviewed project
A platform to fact check Covid-19 information received on social medias and provide users with shareable verified information.

1.0 Introduction

AccuroLab solution was awarded at the MIT COVID-19 hackathon of May 2020. The goal of our team is to combat Covid-19 misinformation where fake news are the most shared. We are putting in place a solution that will allow users of poor communities to validate the accuracy of the Covid-19 information they received on social media through a fact checking process against trusted sources.

 <> Our project team operates on the #accurolab channel of the OpenCovid19 JOGL slack.

 <> The project prototype v01 demo, presented to the MIT panel, is available here

1.1 Problem and Background Summary

Fact-checking information and accessing verified sources was a crucial part of being well-informed. But the COVID-19 crisis has made this step critical to keeping vulnerable African users and communities safe and healthy.

Fake news spread faster and more easily than this virus 

Tedros A.G, WHO Director General, Feb 2020 

Here are some examples of Fake news messages, We (Team members) have received from our families living in Africa and Abroad:

Here is the persona our project is working hard to reach during the Covid-19 Pandemic: