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Vaccination Awareness Escape Game

Escape games can be used as an awareness tool. This project aims to design an escape game that has learning objectives about vaccination.

Through the lens of games, acquiring knowledge gets easier and learners are motivated by the chance of having fun. We previously designed Escape Games starting from scratch, and we recognized how much we learn as we design.

This project aims to give a similar kind of opportunity to every person that would like to join during the Fête de la Science on the 9th of October in the MakerLab of the CRI. A GameJam will start at 2 pm, participants will get the chance to design their own puzzles and simultaneously learn about both Puzzle Creation and the Contemporary Challenges of Vaccination. The event will end late in the evening, interested individuals are advised to show up early, yet they are invited to join at any time of their convenience. The end goal of this GameJam is to prototype a complete Serious Escape Game.

However, prior to the Game Design phase, we need to set the Learning Objectives of the game (about vaccination) with the help of experts from different health-related fields. This Learning Objectives selection will be achieved on Tuesday the 8th of October at 6 pm during an Open Online Event on the JOGL platform.

Further steps will lead to stage and conduct the game in different places along the year, with the intent to share and provide all necessary information and tools for the game to be replicated by others.

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