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Serious Game : Learn about Covid-19 & Sanitary Measures

PC Serious Game : learning about COVID-19 and sanitary measures to stay healthy and limit the spread.

👉 Join the project!  👈

As this is an open-source project, we are always looking for people to join our team to take this challenge on!

  • We have a Slack channel (#proj-dev-edgame) on the theOpenCOVID19 Slack. Join to help get this project going!

👉 Identified Problem 

As many countries try to slow down the spread of COVID-19, populations are asked to adopt sanitary measures. With misconceptions about how to prevent infection circulating over the internet and lockdown rules relaxed in many countries, people are more likely to be less cautious. Until a cure is found, it is important to get people informed about the virus and prevention, as well as reinforcing behavioral change for adoption of good hygiene practices.

👉 Our Game 

Our Serious Game mixes skill building and entertainment, setting the player in the Covid-19 pandemic, in an alternative world - allowing them to use it as a lab. 

The player has the objective to stay healthy and complete different missions.

We integrate a mix of simulation, survival, stealth and narrative game genres for the Player to adapt his daily life to the pandemic situation, learn about the virus, adopt sanitary measures and be a hero by limiting the spread and staying healthy.  

We translated into different game mechanics the different behaviors to adopt (e.g. social distanciation with stealth, using the elbow while coughing with QTE, etc.) and the monitoring of the mental and physical health (answering those needs levels through different short missions). 

An Infection System follows different paths and allows the player to use their skills (sanitary measures) to reduce the risk of infection. 

Several missions test the player on their knowledge and behaviors and add a narrative aspect to keep the player motivated. 

The Pedagogical content is delivered through a drag and drop puzzle mechanic where the player searches for pieces of information to construct a fact and level up.

👉 Serious Game

Our serious game is a mix of simulation and persuasive game, as well as an entertaining game to motivate players to keep playing, thus, gain knowledge and adapt their behaviors. 

👉 Target

We target teenagers and young adults (to their 40s), whom are more likely to play PC video games and benefit from learning more about the virus and its prevention.

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  • Short Name: #edgame
  • Created on: March 20, 2020
  • Last update: August 6, 2020
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