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Quantified Flu

About reviewed project
Can physiological parameters tracked by our wearables predict when we’re getting sick? We're building a citizen science project for this!


The Problem

Quantified Flu is a collective project in which we explore how to use our wearable devices and symptom self-tracking to create individual insight, to try to predict & understand when we're getting sick. While there are increasing numbers of people that have wearables such as Fitbits, Apple Watches etc, there is so far very little known about whether the sensor data from those devices could be used for gaining a better understanding of infections.

While the current interest in this is spurred by COVID-19, the results of this will relate also to the flu and colds in more general: We expect to see physiological changes – e.g. in resting heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, etc. – in all of those cases. By doing a collaborative citizen science project around this we hope to harness the collective intelligence of all participants to quickly get a better understanding of our collective data!