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Opportunities and challenges of community laboratories

Opportunities and challenges of community laboratories

Community Laboratories Track. Opportunities and Challenges

Session Breakdown:  

x3 short talks and x1 panel discussion


Silicon Vilstal 

16 – 16:25 - Gather Room 4 

- Short Talk By: Helmut Ramsauer


16:30 – 16:55 CET- Gather Room 4 

-Short Talk By: Rachel Aronoff


17:00 – 17:25 CET -Gather Room 4 

- Short Talk By: Maria Chavez

Panel Discussion: 

Challenges and opportunities in making and sustaining community laboratories for open science participatory research

17:30-18:00 CET -Gather Room 4 

This session is organized and curated by the community lab team in JOGL.

Find out more about the Speakers: 

  • Helmut Ramsauer is the founder of Silicon Vilstal, a social innovation initiative in the rural area of Lower Bavaria. Silicon Vilstal is the first German organisation that is acknowledged as “Social Economy Cluster” by the European commission. Helmut was born in the rural region of Lower Bavaria, where his family has lived for centuries. Helmut Ramsauer has been engaged in voluntary social activities since his youth. In 2016, he founded the participatory initiative Silicon Vilstal.