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Epidemium Season 3

Open Data & Environment

Accelerating the research of cancer risk factors by structurating Open Data.

What is the Open Data & Environment challenge ?

In the world of open data, the 2010s saw us overcome a great challenge: the freedom of movement of open data was greatly expanded. Today many countries, France first, set up national access points for open data; the main issue now is how to take advantage of it.

Open data can be a useful raw material in several fields, including epidemiology. However, these datasets, in particular with geo-spatial typology, could not have standard criteria of Open data (absence of UUID, updates, broken links, etc.) preventing their analysis in good conditions. Furthermore, request tools can not permit a good exploitation because of their lack of functionalities.

We propose to challengers to produce epidemiologic datasets, useful to researchers interested in cancer risk factors.

Discover Bastien Rance & Hector Countouris Interview from Geocancer



To structure useful, relevant and available open data for the scientific community in cancer epidemiology research:

👉 By creating an "cancer epidemiology" ontology. You can contribute to this effort by helping the open source project "OSIRIS".

👉 By developing query tools (on open data websites based on CKAN) and/or web-scrapping to identify dataset on the theme of "cancer epidemiology".

The challengers will be able to illustrate the advantage of their tools with a use case. For example: extracting and mapping environment risk factors of one type of cancer.

Expected results

🗂 A dataset or a catalogue of datasets with relevant environmental data.

🔎 Deepening the API of Etalab to request the data and maintain them in the time.

📈 Constructing “datasets-visualisation” associated to a map.

🔦 Illustrating the interest of the dataset by examples linked to cancer epidemiology


data.gouv. fr uses :

Other data sources : 


Check out the FAQs page for any other questions and don't hesitate to get in touch!

Contact: contact@epidemium.org

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