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OpenCovid19 Initiative

Evaluation and Validation of Open Source Solutions

Evaluate and validate the best open source designs capable of helping us fight the Covid19 pandemic.

Hospitals are in dire needs of medical equipments and personal protective equipments. We are seeing great creativity and inventiveness being used to propose open source alternatives to face masks, face shields, syringe punps, ventilators,... In order for those designs to be effective, they need to match the needs and specification contraints of hospital applications and to be validated in hospital environments.

We have partnered with APHP (Paris Hospitals Association), representing 39 hospitals in the Paris Region, to create a special challenge entirely dedicated to the evaluation and validation by hospital staff of open source solutions.

For each need identified by APHP, we create a JOGL project that you can join. So far:

  • Face masks and face shields
  • Syringe pumps
  • Consumables for intubation
  • Ventilators

👉Join our slack and one of the project and follow the onboarding steps to contribute. Thanks!

The 3D COVID initiative has been launched by APHP (Association of the 39 Paris Region Hospitals) to manufacture 3D parts and devices at hospitals.

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